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hi! i'm known as aya online. i'm 20 years old and i'm majoring in law. i live in south east asia, specifically indonesia. i look like this irl. my hobbies are playing video games and reading books. i like the color pink and i also love to eat. nice to meet you!

my fandoms can easily change depending on what i’m into right now, but some do stay for years. do note that even if i list a fandom here, doesn’t necessarily mean i blog about it.

currently playing: fire emblem: awakening, crisis core: final fantasy vii, pokemon white 2, rune factory 4

currently watching: hunter x hunter, revolutionary girl utena, hannibal

currently reading: the fellowship of the ring, picture of dorian gray, the fault in our stars, sputnik sweetheart, silver spoon, otoyomegatari, 7 seeds, kocchi muite miiko!, yotsubato!, haikyuu!!, yowamushi pedal, any random shoujo/josei/seinen/BL/GL manga i found i guess

for a more, up-to-date list, please go to my mal, backloggery and listography

main fandom: kingdom hearts, final fantasy, persona (3&4), harvest moon, tokimeki memorial girl’s side, legend of mana, radiata stories, ace attorney, professor layton, pokemon, brothers conflict, dramatical murder, daylight, evangelion, corpse party, macross frontier, prince of tennis, higurashi no naku koro ni, clannad, how i met your mother, suits, and more?

  • this blog focuses on video games and animanga
  • is not updated everyday or regulary, so you may see me update 5 times a day and none for a week
  • will mostly be reblogs, original content/text posts are rare
  • i tag my spoilers with spoilers. content that might trigger people with trigger warning, and nsfw as nsfw. if you would like me to use a certain tag, please let me know!
  • i queue almost every reblog so my dash won't be spammed by my posts in a short time span. this also means new posts on my blog =/= i'm online/available/active
  • i do not reblog art/fanart that are not posted by maker themselves (unless it’s a translation)
  • if you have a problem with me, either unfollow or address me privately via ask or email
  • if you have a question regarding what i’ve posted/reblogged, just drop an ask!
  • as long as you don’t go anon or if it’s not for a meme, i answer asks privately!
  • and before you assume i’m a delusional fangirl, no, the husbando tag does not mean i think of the guys in the tag as my real husbands.
  • if we mutually follow each other, feel free to follow me on twitter, as i am mostly there.

avatar features anna from fire emblem and made by emigrate @ dreamwidth

header features the main guys from ken ga kimi

ask me anything!